Burma Cyclone

Latest News: United Nations Secretary General to visit Burma by carpediemdg

According to the latest news reports from Associated Press, the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon will be visiting Burma this Thursday, stay till Friday, then head to Bangkok and return to Rangoon on Sunday to attend a pledging conference to be jointly hosted and organized by ASEAN and the United Nations.

His visit comes after initial resistance by the military junta which has seemingly relented, in small measure, on the issue of aid distribution by foreign aid workers but limited such assistance to its “Asian neighbors.” Responding to the opportunity, “in Singapore, an emergency meeting of foreign ministers from the 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations agreed to set up an ASEAN-led task force for distributing foreign aid.”

In other highlights from the article,

  • Myanmar Foreign Minister Nyan Win told the meeting that losses from the cyclone are expected to be “well over US$10 billion.”
  • United Nations said the rest of its foreign staff were still barred from the delta and it described conditions there as “terrible,” with hundreds of thousands of cyclone victims suffering from hunger, disease and lack of shelter.

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