Burma Cyclone

Opinion/Editorial: To intervene or not to intervene? by carpediemdg

This week’s New York Time’s Magazine carries an article by writer and political analyst, David Rieff, entitled ” Humanitarian Vanities.” The question he poses is a simple one – What does the urge to intervene amount to?

One of his main points seems to be that there is a “law of unintended consequences” operating when a country or set of countries decide to intervene in another on humanitarian grounds. Regime change is never just that – it comes with baggage and unforseen challenges that the intervening country/countries have historically seemed ill equipped to handle. Case in point – Iraq.

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Activism: Online petition for U.N. to act on Myanmar crisis by karenzr

From Anthony Mon:

A petition has been started to urge United Nations to apply “responsibility to protect” doctrine to force international aid into Myanmar. Over 4,000 signatures so far.