Burma Cyclone

Latest news: Burmese exiles call for military intervention by karenzr

Here’s a new petition calling for military intervention in Burma. Please note: this is not an endorsement, just an FYI.


First graf:

<<We , with the fellow Burmese people in and outside Burma , and the people of the world, have been caught in ultimate griefs and anxieties for the unprecedented plight of the victims of cyclonic storm Nargis , which has compelled us to submit this petition as we are getting through these agonizing weeks of despair and powerlessness since we all learned that this natural disaster has turned into a man-made one because xenophobic Burmese military junta is unnecessarily restricting international aids and rescue operations . >>


Activism: Online petition for U.N. to act on Myanmar crisis by karenzr

From Anthony Mon:

A petition has been started to urge United Nations to apply “responsibility to protect” doctrine to force international aid into Myanmar. Over 4,000 signatures so far.