Burma Cyclone

Opinion/Editorial: Madeleine Albright ponders on “The End of Intervention.” by carpediemdg

In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, former U.S. secretary of state, Madelaine K. Albright offered three reasons why the world didn’t intervene more forcefully in Myanmar.

The introductory excerpt to the piece:

“THE Burmese government’s criminally neglectful response to last month’s cyclone, and the world’s response to that response, illustrate three grim realities today: totalitarian governments are alive and well; their neighbors are reluctant to pressure them to change; and the notion of national sovereignty as sacred is gaining ground, helped in no small part by the disastrous results of the American invasion of Iraq. ”

Read the full op-ed here.



Latest News: Junta Evicting Cyclone Victims by karenzr

The latest New York Times story says that a visit to some of the Irrawaddy Delta villages hardest hit by the cyclone suggests “that the story of the death and destruction, compounded by the junta’s actions, has been neither fully told nor even fully seen.” Their reporter inside Myanmar is still anonymous.


Photos: Irrawaddy Region where cyclone hit hardest: Mizzima by karenzr

The Burmese news site Mizzima has posted new photos of from the Irrawaddy region.

Also, the latest from the NY Times: Weeks After Cyclone in Myanmar, Even Farmers Wait For Food.


Video: Aid complications in Myanmar by karenzr

Great New York Times video that includes interviews with the anonymous Times reporter inside Myanmar and Seth Mydans, reporting from Bangkok. Watch the video here.


Photos: Trail of destruction in Burma by carpediemdg

Here’s the link to ‘pictures of the day’ on the New York Times website. Among other events across the globe, the photographs capture the trail of destruction left behind by cyclone Nargis as UN Sect. General, Ban-Ki-Moon surveys the scene.

Pictures of the Day

— Divya

Latest News: NYT reporter reaches Bogale township where 10,000 perished by karenzr

The unnamed New York Times reporter(s?) in Myanmar have been doing great work to report the suffering of the people in the Irrawaddy Delta region. The following line is from a report on Bogale – one of the hardest-hit areas – in today’s paper. 95 percent of the houses in Bogale are believed to have been destroyed in the cyclone.

<<This reporter, whose name is being withheld to avoid detection by the government, was able to reach some, but not all, of the worst-affected areas by hiding in the bottom of a boat.>>


Latest News: Some Myanmar aid reportedly stolen by karenzr

This just in, from the unnamed New York Times writer in Yangon: Some Myanmar aid reportedly stolen

The lede:

<The directors of several relief organizations in Myanmar said Wednesday that some of the international aid arriving into the country for the victims of Cyclone Nargis was being stolen, diverted or warehoused by the country’s military.>