Burma Cyclone

Opinion/Editorial: The real reason Than Shwe declined U.S. assistance by carpediemdg

As news about the Myanmar cyclone and it’s aftermath recedes into the background (including in the media), an op-ed in the Burmese news magazine, The Irrawaddy, sheds light on why the junta refused assistance from the U.S. military. And I quote,

“What the generals truly fear is that if they allow US warships and foreign forces to come to the aid of cyclone survivors in the Irrawaddy delta, people will soon rise up and the regime would be overthrown. That fear prevented the Than Shwe regime from allowing the US to come in and help.”

As the fate of more than 2 million remains unknown, local Burmese sources such as The Irrawaddy are good to remain tuned in to what’s happening on the ground.

Some of the it’s top stories include:


Event: Charity happy hour in DC for cyclone relief: Facebook group by carpediemdg
May 27, 2008, 11:41 pm
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There is a facebook group for this event

Event: charity happy hour for Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (Burma) “donate generously”
What: Fundraiser
Host: Desis in DC
When: Thursday, May 29 at 6:00pm
Where: Josephine

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:


Latest News: All eyes on Myanmar and the military by carpediemdg

Cautious response to Burma pledge

Only a quarter of the 2.5m affected have received help, the UN says

Aid agencies have given a cautious welcome to the announcement that Burma’s leaders will allow all foreign relief workers into cyclone-hit areas.

The UN’s World Food Programme said the real test was whether its workers would be allowed to leave Rangoon for the devastated southern Irrawaddy Delta.

About 78,000 people died and 56,000 are missing after the 2 May cyclone.

Meanwhile, the polls have opened in the final stage of a controversial referendum on a new constitution.

Read the full article here.


Photos: Trail of destruction in Burma by carpediemdg

Here’s the link to ‘pictures of the day’ on the New York Times website. Among other events across the globe, the photographs capture the trail of destruction left behind by cyclone Nargis as UN Sect. General, Ban-Ki-Moon surveys the scene.

Pictures of the Day

— Divya

Latest News: Save the Children reaches 160,000 cyclone survivors with aid by carpediemdg

According to a recent press release by Save the Children Alliance on ReliefWeb, the organization has reached 160,632 people including more than 50,000 children with food, water, shelter materials, household supplies and oral-rehydration salts to treat diarrhea.

Other highlights from the release include:

  • The death toll from Cyclone Nargis continues to rise. Unofficial estimates from the United Nations suggest that as many as 102,000 people have died, and up to 1.9 million people have been affected.
  • Authorities have declared five regions — with an estimated total population of 24 million — to be in a state of emergency, including Yangon Division, Pegu Division, Mon State, Karen State and the Irrawaddy Division.
  • Humanitarian agencies are expressing concern about an impending hungry season, as the rice planting thatI normally begins in June may be hampered by lack of tools and supplies, as well as by land made less arable by an influx of salt water from the storm surge.
  • Even before the disaster, an estimated 30 percent of children in the region suffered from chronic malnutrition, according to health experts.
  • Throughout Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta region, many villages have been devastated, with thousands of homes destroyed, and more than 3,000 schools damaged.
  • Much of the delta is reachable only by boat, even in normal times, but many boats were destroyed in the storm — limiting the ability of storm survivors to find food, water and medical assistance.

Read the full press release here.


Events: Relief concert in D.C. for cyclone victims by karenzr
May 12, 2008, 1:12 am
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Cyclone Nargis Relief Concert in D.C. May 17– click here for more info.


Photos: Pictures shed light on ground situation in Burma by carpediemdg

Here are links to three telling slideshows from the New York Times which illuminate the situation on the ground in Burma and the havoc wreaked by Cyclone ‘Nargis.’

Myanmar faces aid delays

Myanmar struggles in cyclone aftermath

Myanmar junta allowing little aid after cyclone