Burma Cyclone

Opinion/Editorial: When natural disasters turn state-sponsored: Time Magazine by carpediemdg

This article is about Zimbabwe and Mugabe’s dictatorial ways that are proving all too self-destructive for his own country. It raises an interesting point for humanitarian relief, however, particularly in the wake of the Burma and China disasters, and I quote…

“Zimbabwe is in the midst of a slow-motion, man-made disaster. It is as if the cyclone in Burma and the earthquake in China were state-sponsored tragedies.”

Read the full article here.

— Divya


Interview: World Food Programme spokesperson flags immediate aid needs in Burma by lamivo

The World Food Programme‘s main spokeswoman, Bettina Luescher, spoke to the Wall Street Journal about immediate needs in Myanmar. Also highlighted in the second half of the video is the impact of the global hike in food prices and how it is adding to the problems of delivering international aid in Burma.

View the full video here.

– Lam

Media: BBC reporter deported from Burma by carpediemdg
May 8, 2008, 3:28 pm
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(via Anup Kaphle, Columbia Journalism School student)

Getting the boot from Burma

By Andrew Harding
BBC News

A fallen tree and damaged houses in Rangoon
About a million people are now thought to be homeless

I flew into Burma on Monday morning from Bangkok. The smart new airport in Rangoon had finally reopened two days after the cyclone.

Low clouds obscured the vast wetlands of the Irrawaddy Delta but, as we came in to land, I caught a glimpse out of the window.

My mind flicked back to December 2004, flying into Aceh in Indonesia immediately after the tsunami, staring down at miles of pulverised coastline.

At this stage on Monday, the size of Burma’s disaster was not yet clear.

Over the weekend, the military authorities – safe in their brand new capital city far from Rangoon – appeared to be playing things down.

A few hundred dead perhaps, the state newspapers still overwhelmingly preoccupied with plans to hold a national referendum the following weekend.

The headlines full of the usual semi-threatening calls for a big Yes vote.

But the cyclone’s impact was already looking ominous.

There should have been a bright green jigsaw of rice paddies and villages below. Instead I saw a grey-brown smudge of water and ragged trees.

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Donations:From the American Burma Buddhist Association by karenzr
May 7, 2008, 5:07 pm
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The following message is from ABBA Sayadaw Ashin Indaka.

Dear Myanmar

American Burma Buddhist Association launched the Cyclone Relief Fund
at the ABBA website. Kindly visit the website
http://www.mahasiusa.org/ . You will find the link “Direct help to
people in Myanmar for Cyclone Relief”. If you click the link you will
be defaulted to the page where you will find the detail information
concerning the donation.

Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration. Best regards.

Resources:Hello Everyone! by carpediemdg
May 6, 2008, 7:49 pm
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This blog will post news articles and relief resource information on the Burma Cyclone. For starters, there are 3 facebook groups already created where you can get a lot of information about where to donate and how you can be of help.

1) Relief for Burmese Cyclone Victims started by U.S. Campaign for Burma. Their contact email is:


2) Myanmar Cyclone Victims – an open facebook group started by concerned individuals.


3) Help Burmese people from Nagic storm ” natural disorder” – another facebook group by concerned individuals.