Burma Cyclone

Video: Aid complications in Myanmar by karenzr

Great New York Times video that includes interviews with the anonymous Times reporter inside Myanmar and Seth Mydans, reporting from Bangkok. Watch the video here.



Videos: BBC reporter captures horrifying state of cyclone survivors by carpediemdg

Here are some images from a BBC video of survivors and the cyclone aftermath. Reporter, Natalia Antelava reports on the horrifying condition on the ground. A human disaster is fast turning into a man-made one…

1) Here is the image of a cyclone survivor who said government helicopters did come for rescue but somehow missed them because they might not have seen them.

2) Here is a picture of a mother and child, huddled along with several others in a dark room – one of the few standing buildings in the area but without any electricity.

3) Here is the picture of a young boy who lost all his family in the cyclone. He said he clung to a tree for 14 hours before help could arrive. By then, it was too late for his family members.

4) Here, he points to what remains of his home.

5) Here is one of the only standing buildings where a few dozen survivors are taking refuge. 400 people lived in this particular village. 20 survive.

6) Here, a child eats a bit of rice – the only food available in addition to rain water.

Watch the entire video here.


Media: Thirteen.org video: Burmese in NY Protest by karenzr

As promised: we did a video of a Burmese protest outside the United Nations over the weekend for thirteen.org. It was just posted in their news & public affairs section, along with a link to NewsHour’s daily updates on the humanitarian crisis.