Burma Cyclone

From the field: Firsthand account by photojournalist of Burma caught in the storm by carpediemdg

I have so far refrained from posting graphic photography/imagery of the Burma cyclone victims on this blog…until I came across this.

In the Eye of the Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone: A Firsthand Account (May 2008 ) by James Whitlow Delano

In a hard-hitting piece that appeared in the latest edition of “The Digital Journalist,” Delano provides a written first-hand account of what he saw in Burma as cyclone Nargis unleashed its fury. Mid-way through the account there is a powerful description of the extent and force of the disaster when he writes:

“A street sign 6 feet wide (2 m) and 3 feet high (1 m) shuttered suddenly and then a gust sent it frantically flying into infinity, never to be seen again. It simply disappeared.”

Delano’s intrepid reporting may have cost him a future ticket to Burma, as he admits himself in the postscript.

[AUTHOR’S POSTSCRIPT: “I may not be able to return after this series is seen because it poses some tough questions about the true nature of a government that already had a reputation for brutality. Now, you see neglect. If that is the price for reporting this – so be it. I would wear the honor of being on their blacklist with honor (though I would be happy too if I could return again).”]

Below is an image from the feature gallery that accompanies Delano’s article.

(Note: Viewer discretion advised. Graphic images may be disturbing to some viewers).



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