Burma Cyclone

For the record: Dalai Lama on Burma, the cyclone and poverty by carpediemdg

In a recent post, I summarized the main highlights of an article in Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service titled, “A second cyclone may affect Burma.” Another Burma-blogger, Danny Fisher, posted the following comment on it.

“Just a quick note to say that this report is not exactly accurate on the point that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has traditionally “refrained” from commenting on Burma. This past fall, he offered his “full support” to the Buddhist monastics who demonstrated against the junta. I would refer your readers here and here for more information.”

— Divya


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My problem is what kind person Dalai Lama really is. You can hardly find anything good about Tibet or him before 1950, the history reality. Main stream media usually skips or are very brief on this matter. He may appear to be a “nice” person now, talking about freedom and human rights but numerous articles proved otherwise historically. Yes, human can change, but would you let your young daughter under a convicted sex offender because you believe he has changed?

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please spread the word

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