Burma Cyclone

Donations:From US Campaign for Burma – where the $ goes by karenzr
May 7, 2008, 5:09 pm
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Below is a really interesting note from US Campaign for Burma about how they’re using the money they collect for the relief effort, sent out to its facebook group. Also, here’s a NY Times piece on the politics surrounding the aid effort.


Thank you for joining the US Campaign for Burma’s Cyclone Relief group! Many of you have asked questions about where the money goes…

From the US Campaign for Burma:

Cyclone Relief Donations

Cyclone Nargis relief fund that US Campaign for Burma set up will go to intermediate relief. They will be used to help people in rebuilding their communities and homes. This will try and fill in the gaps where other aid agencies were not able to assist. We are not able to give immediate humanitarian assistance because the military regime hampers and blocks international assistance. What we can do is help in the medium-term.

The people of Burma will be rebuilding their lives for a long time, and these funds will go directly to organizations inside Burma, led by Burmese who are earnestly working to help the people. For security purposes we cannot disclose who these groups are ( in the past the military regime has arrested those who accept international support). We will keep no overhead and 100% of the donations will go to the people of Burma.


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